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What We Inspect

We perform visual inspections of the structural and mechanical components found in residential and commercial buildings & report their general condition to our Clients, whom we prefer be present at the time of inspection.  Our service is a long-term Investment!

We offer inspection services including, but not limited to the following:

  • Single-Family & Multi-Family Properties

  • Representing Buyers & Sellers 

  • One Year Builder Warranty Inspections

  • Investor Inspections

  • Maintenance Inspections

  • 4 Point Insurance Inspections

  • Commercial Inspections


All Inspections are preformed in compliance with the InterNACHI Standards of Practice.

The following are the components as they appear on TREC Property Inspection Report.

I. Structural Systems

  1. Foundations

  2. Grading and Drainage

  3. Roof Covering

  4. Roof Structure & Attic

  5. Walls

  6. Ceilings and Floors

  7. Doors

  8. Windows

  9. Fireplace/Chimney

  10. Porches, Decks and Carports (Attached)

II. Electrical Systems

  1. Service Entrance and Panels

  2. Branch Circuits-Connected Devices and Fixtures

III. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  1. Heating Equipment

  2. Cooling Equipment

  3. Ducts and Vents (interiors of duct work is not inspected)

IV. Plumbing System

  1. Water Supply System & Fixtures (visual inspection only)

  2. Drains, Wastes, Vents (sewer lines are not scoped)

  3. Water Heating Equipment

  4. Hydro-Therapy Equipment

V. Appliances

  1. Dishwasher

  2. Food Waste Disposer

  3. Range Hood

  4. Ranges/Ovens/Cook tops

  5. Microwave Cooking Equipment

  6. Bathroom Exhaust Fans and/or Heaters

  7. Garage Door Operators 

  8. Door Bell & Chime

  9. Dryer Vents

  10. Other Built-In Appliances*
    *Must know in advance or cannot be inspected


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